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Chicken Charm Leg Bands

The original Chicken Charm Leg Bands - Fun way to identify your birds!  It is enjoyable to see on your feathered friends and entertaining to watch charms float about your pens. 

A lot of us like to use zip bands to identify one bird from another in a pen or use one color for different pens of birds.  Why not make it fun!  Charm Leg Bands come in many 5 different styles and 4 of the styles are available in 4 different colors ~  Easy to put on, they don't fall off, one size fits large fowl and bantam chickens, ducks, geese, turkey, peacock, some game birds plus multiple uses for poultry related innuendos. No more buying 4 or 5 different sizes of bands to fit your birds.  Fits size 7, size 9, size 11, size 12, size 14 ; Bantams, Chickens, Ducks, Turkey, Geese, Swans, Peacock. 

Color combinations between the bands and charms is endless. 

Leg Bands are 6" long and fit; Chickens, Ducks, Geese, Turkeys, Game birds,   One size can accommodate all of your flock.  No more buying a band for every size bird!

Bands will not fall off.  No more picking up bands off the ground and trying to locate which bird it came off of.

Aesthetically pleasing, the charms are on a thin 4mm wide cable tie.  The charms vary from 6 to 12 mm in width and/or length.

They can be simply color and charm coded, Alpa instead of numerical.     Message us to get the code sheet example. 

Easy to put on.  Put the end through the head and start the zip, slide it around the leg, with one finger hold the charm in place on the outside of the leg, zip until the band/tie is in place.  Make sure the band is loose enough it turns easily and slides up and down a bit then, snip off the excess, you are done!

They can be used on growing birds however, not recommended unless you really watch their growth closely. Any band that gets to tight can cut into the leg.  Birds do the majority of their growth  between hatch and 16 weeks.  Birds under 16 weeks, make sure to leave plenty of growing room. Before the band starts to get tight, replace it with a new one.   

Thanks, your support is appreciated and we look forward to serving you. Wishing you and your feathered friends the best! ~ Chicken Hill Poultry ~

Megan Dunham

Megan Dunham 29 Jun 16 Reply

Have 10 ISA hens that all look the same!! Being able to ID them would be amazing, I don't want them to be "just a number". These charms would be amazing! How many different charms are available?
Chicken Hill Poultry

Chicken Hill Poultry 29 Jun 16 Reply

Nope not just a number :-) The styles that are available now can be seen in the store. http://www.store.chickenhillpoultry.com/index.php/leg-bands There are different colors of lady bugs, hearts, flowers, butterflies. New releases of styles will be about once a month. We are having to much fun!

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The scoop around Chicken Hill


A chicken Hill Poultry Original.  Zband Leg Bands ~ They don't fall off, to us they look better than a large numbered spiral, less bulky and better colors,  Fit the shape of the leg better than a round band, easy to put on, one size fits large fowl and bantam chickens, ducks, geese, turkey, peacock, gamebirds and  multiple uses for poultry related innuendos. No more buying 4 or 5 different sizes to fit your birds.  Fits sizes  7, 9, 11, 12, 14 See our other auctions for different colors of Zbands.

Chick Bands

New! baby poultry leg bands.  100 Multi Color Bands Per Package. Mix of Pink, Yellow, Green, Blue, Orange, and Purple. They come in 3/16", 1/4", 5/16" 


It is always a joy to hear from folks that are loving on their birds they received from CHP!

Just wanted to let you know that they arrived this morning and are all doing great. They seemed to have gone through the trip with no ill effects. We had a suprise snow storm last night that wasn't in the forecast and now they are calling for 4-8" here tonight so I was a bit nervous when I got up this morning, but they were there when the post office opened :) Thank you for the extra two, it was a great surprise. I have attached two pics, one of the group in the brooder in the house and one of our daughter with a chick. We absolutely love them! Thanks again.

Tiffany & Emma -

Yahoo. I picked the babies up at the post office about 7:30 this morning and all seem well. One is acting a bit off but I'm thinking he/she is just exhausted. They settled right into brooder, had a drink and napping off and on. You sent 2 extra? Hey Jorden is at school and doesn't know they were coming today so she will be climbing in the brooder about 3:30 and have all eight named by 4. LOL Thanks Tisha !!

Deb Jorden and Miss Puff -