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Below are answers to common questions we receive. This section certainly doesn't cover everything but, it does chip away at them.  If it's not answered here feel free to write or call us. We are always happy to answer questions and look forward to chatting with you.

Deposits to hold your birds or eggs:Unless a deposit is paid we do not guarantee the availability of eggs or chicks. All deposits are nonrefundable. Unfortunately, we have had to resort to a non refundable deposit, as some would cancel.  This really messed up the schedule.  Sorry!!  You may receive a refund if the date of shipment is 1 month past expected ship date or for some unforeseen reason we cannot ship within a month's time frame of expected shipment.

The balance is due before your order ships.We will notify you shortly before shipping for payment of the balance. We accept PayPal at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , money orders and checks mailed to Tisha Martinsek 24025 Lansing Lane, Middleton, ID. 83644Balance Due: Final payment is due before your birds or eggs ship. We do not guarantee exact dates of shipment due to the fact birds are live animals and are not always predictable or because of uncontrollable weather conditions. 

Shipping Info:A tracking number will be sent to you via email, the day of shipment. All birds are send Express Mail with USPS.  The chicks are sent with Gro-gel / wet feed for nourishment, hydration, and to minimize stress from their journey. Older birds are sent with fruit or vegetables.  Normal protocol is 2 heat packs for day old to 2 week old chicks between 30 and 60 degrees.  1 heat pack if it will be any warmer along the way.   Normally we stop shipping before weather is to warm to stop using a heat pack.  We wait until the very last minute, 1pm mountain time, to take the chicks to the post office.  This way they have extra time continue to figure out the eating and drinking plus, less stress.  Monday's and Tuesday's are super hectic in the mornings.  If you write or call during the morning we promise you are not being ignored, will get back to you later in the day when we have time to have a quality conversation. 

Live delivery guarantee on birds; USPS no longer guarantees a 48 hour delivery for birds and will not pay a claim on express shipped birds until  72 hours after acceptance at the post office. Chicks are geared to live 2 days from the time they hatch.   Most of the chicks we mail arrive in 36 hours after acceptance.  Chicken Hill does guarantee the chicks to arrive alive for the 1st 48 hours of shipment.  If the post office delays their arrival beyond the 48 hours we cannot guarantee them to arrive alive.  Started stock, anything other than a day old, we do not guarantee live delivery.   To place a claim, OPEN THE BOX AT USPS.  Take a picture of the chick(s) inside the box and email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  The Post Master must fill out a claims at the time of arrival of any birds that expired during transit. A copy of the claims form must be sent to us and must include the Post Masters name and contact information so we may verify the incident. Cost of the expired bird(s) will be immediately refunded. Shipping and Paypal fees are not refunded. We do not ship replacements. Once the birds leave USPS Chicken Hill no longer guarantees the prosperity of your birds.

Egg Guarantee: Eggs broken or cracked during shipment are a refund per broken egg or you may have them replaced if you wish. We do not reimburse for fees occurred with the transaction, shipping or pay shipping for replacement eggs to be sent out. Please, check for broken eggs at the post office and have the Post Master fill out a report with quantity that are broken or cracked. With the original shipment, extra eggs are sent if available and if none in the variety you ordered are available we may substitute extra eggs with another variety.
Fertility is checked each year before shipping eggs begins. Shipping eggs can reduce hatchability rate and we do not guarantee eggs to hatch. Many factors beyond our control can cause a poor hatch such as x-ray, rough handling , delayed shipping through USPS, improper incubation procedure etc. If you would like a live guarantee please, order chicks.

What if they are lost in transit? Rare, yet sometimes they do get lost in the system.   USPS will not pay a claim on either shipping or the contents of live birds until 3 full days have passed from the moment they are shipped.  See Live delivery guarantee on birds.  Over the years we have seen many that will make it just fine in 3 days.  There is hope!

The tracking information has stopped or old;USPS contracts with Federal Express and other flight carriers.  Here is how it goes...Chicken Hill drops of chicks/chickens to USPS, they are scanned as acceptance.  USPS takes them to the sort facility they are scanned as left sort facility.  They are picked up by the flight carrier who, does not scan them the whole time they are with them.  Once at the destination city, USPS picks them up and scans the box.  Now we are tracking again!

How long does it take for them to get to me?  All birds of any age are sent Express.  This is a 1 to 3 day service for USPS.  They are dropped off at the post office for shipment at 1pm MNT time and normally it takes 33-36 hours to arrive at your post office.  So, a day and a half. 

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