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Bielefelder are gorgeous to look at, docile as you can get, big, mature early for X-large egg laying and meat plus bingo, auto-sexing.  

Each year there is absolutely no work involved in taming them, naturally sweethearts.  This strain of birds is definitely recommended if you want to make pets of your chickens!  If we had to choose one breed to keep for all purposes this bird would be at the top of the list.

The auto sexing feature of the Bielefelder makes it easy to sex day old chicks as male or female. The females have a chipmunk stripe on their backs while the males are lighter in color and have a yellow spot on their heads.  Occasionally you will get a middle of the road colored chick that is unsexable but, that is pretty rare.  

The breeders for the 2016 chicks are from Greenfire Farms.

Shawn Hall

Shawn Hall 16 May 16 Reply

Sounds like the PERFECT sweet chicken for this "Chicken Virgin" to start with! :-)

Nita 15 Jun 17 Reply

We've had Bielefelders for 2 years now.. They truly are the most docile breed not only to their humans, but each other. Often I find hens of all breeds and babies choose to roost with the B. boys!

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