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Blue Laced Red Wyandottes

Category: Large Fowl
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Blue Laced Red Wyandottes

This BLR also referred to as BLRW (blue Laced Red Wyandotte) a mouth watering deep mahogany and pigeon blue. 

Be prepared to watch a great show in color and type as these birds grow.  It's like musical chairs, your favorite will change weekly as they dice back and forth bursting new color and growing in bounding leaps.  It takes a Wyandotte about 18 months to fully mature, with these guys every stage leads a beauty to behold.

They are a super dual purpose fowl, laying around 200 nice larger medium to large sized brown egg per year.  If you are after meat, as well, they have a meaty breast.  They are cold hardy with the rose comb.  BLR tend to continue to lay through the winter, especially if provided some extra light in the evenings.  This line rarely goes broody. 

The andalusian blue responsible for the eye candy on the outer lacing and fluff also allows for 3 different color chicks. Blue Laced Red, Black laced, and splash.  Each are gorgeous in their own right and we cannot guarantee you will get more or less of any one color when purchasing. Sold in colors as hatched.

How the Andalusian Blue Gene works For Black, Blue, and Splash (BBS)

When breeding with the andalusian blue gene, one mating can give you 3 colors of chicks.

The gene for blue is a WYSIWYG gene.   The visible plumage color is the color of the genetics.  There is no need to do test matings to find out if it is present. The gene is a dominate blue, effecting black only and little effect on red. The blue gene not present is a black bird, one blue gene will change a black bird to blue where 2 blue genes will change black to a whitish bird with splashes of black/blue. If the bird has red in the plumage, the splash color will be shades of black, white and red.

To see the colors you get when you breed the 3 different colors of the andulsian blue gene in variation.

➢ Black Laced Red x Black Laced Red = 100% Black Laced Red

➢ Black Laced Red x Blue Laced Red = 50% Black Laced Red and 50% Blue Laced Red

➢ Black Laced Red x Splash = 100% Blue Laced Red

➢ Blue Laced Red x Blue Laced Red = 25% Black Laced Red, 50% Blue Laced Red and 25% Splash

Blue Laced Red x Splash  = 50% Blue Laced Red and 50% Splash 

➢ Splash x Splash  = 100% Splash



Jenny 03 Oct 15 Reply

The BLRW hatching eggs you sent arrived in great shape & quickly -- even all the way to Alaska. My hen hatched out 6 beautiful chicks that were healthy & so adorable! They are now almost 4 months old, getting more beautiful every day. Their colors are amazing to behold -- I love the variety of colors & patterns in my little flock. They are like a garden full of flowers! I appreciate all the support you have given me along the way & look forward to purchasing more eggs from you in the spring when my hens go broody again! :P

Denise 19 May 16 Reply

I've looked at a lot of different websites for chickens, and I must say that you have the most healthiest, top quality looking breeds around.! Your farm has it all going on! I'll definitely be doing more business with you in the very near future. If anybody is reading this comment, please look no further than Chicken Hill Poultry for your eggs and supplies. They are very knowledgeable and offer their assistance before, during and after any transactions. I am a very pleased and happy customer! Best of luck ! : :-)

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