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Crested Cream Legbars

Crested Cream Legbar have funky hair do's and their valley girl attitudes make these birds an entertaining choice, plus the fun of blue colored eggs.   

What's so great about these chickens?? Auto-sexing at hatch, piles of beautiful large pastel blue green eggs, rarely go broody, super free rangers, medium size perfect for the back yard flock and the list goes on... The breeders for 2016 are a B-line male over Rees line females, all are from Greenfire Farms.

The auto sexing is especially handy for those that cannot keep roosters.  The males are lighter in color and have a white spot on their head. The females have a dark chipmunk stripe that runs down the back and are much darker than the males with no white on the head.  We have selected our breeders for head spots on the males to keep the auto sexing clear.  Even though choosing the breeders carefully sometimes, occasionally there will be an unsexible chick.

• Egg Layer

• Large sky blue egg

• Mature average size: 7 lb for cocks and 6 lb for hens

• This variety/color is an import and not recognized by the APA at this time.  A draft of the standard can be found on Greenfires website.

• Rarely go broody

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