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Project birds

Project birds

Dabbling in the genetics pool is fun for every chicken professional or back yard mad scientist.  In the planning stage of crossing genes, it is all written in black and white whether, on paper or in the cyber world.  In our minds eye the pefect specimen is born, as is on our black and white view of ratios, percentages, and future generation calculations.  This in no way prepares us for gazing at the reality of our plan in action.  Patterns and colors woven together in the lords mind eye can leave us breathless.  Other times...It is a, "what was I thinking, um-no!"   Either way, it is enjoyable and entertaining.

Crele and Partridge are my favorite patterns.  This project is to produce a Crele Wyandotte.  The English Crele Orpingtons are gorgeous, sweet, fluffy and round.  We are taking the temperament the roundness and the true crele coloring and transferring it onto a Partridge Wyandotte. The females have a lovely salmon color breast.  The males are brilliant in color.   This is our 2nd year with them.  Orpington have white legs which is dominent over the desired yellow of Wyandottes.  Next year we should start to see the yellow legs.  We really lucked out on the original crele Orpington we crossed with.  He had a very wide head which is a desired trate in the Wyandotte.  

2015 crele pullet3

2015 we have been working on a blue Partridge Wyandotte.  The below photo is from a hen from our foley line.  

We took a 2014 blue laced red hen showing the double lacing characteristics and put her in with one of the standard partridges.  This years chicks are still maturing but, the adult feathering is starting to come in.    The penciling is showing up beautifully.  We will post some pictures when they get a little older.



kara 11 Mar 16 Reply

She is beautiful!!! :lol: :lol:

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It is always a joy to hear from folks that are loving on their birds they received from CHP!

Just wanted to let you know that they arrived this morning and are all doing great. They seemed to have gone through the trip with no ill effects. We had a suprise snow storm last night that wasn't in the forecast and now they are calling for 4-8" here tonight so I was a bit nervous when I got up this morning, but they were there when the post office opened :) Thank you for the extra two, it was a great surprise. I have attached two pics, one of the group in the brooder in the house and one of our daughter with a chick. We absolutely love them! Thanks again.

Tiffany & Emma -

Yahoo. I picked the babies up at the post office about 7:30 this morning and all seem well. One is acting a bit off but I'm thinking he/she is just exhausted. They settled right into brooder, had a drink and napping off and on. You sent 2 extra? Hey Jorden is at school and doesn't know they were coming today so she will be climbing in the brooder about 3:30 and have all eight named by 4. LOL Thanks Tisha !!

Deb Jorden and Miss Puff -